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Thinking About Changing Careers?

Are You Thinking of a Career Change?

Last week (June 2021) , the ATO released data for the 2018-19 financial year. The lag in data between current salary figures and the latest ATO release provided a great opportunity to provide my readers with current salary data for mining engineers. One thing that I have noticed is that mining engineer salaries have risen significantly in the last 2 years. By as much as 10% or more in many cases. 

Not everyone working in mining is seeing increases in their pay packet and for some people, given them cause to reflect on their current work situation. 

Thinking of Changing Careers? [Download Salary Table – Mining Engineer]

Suppose you don’t want to settle for an underpaying job. Then, the first step is to gather some salary information.

Below is a table that has some informative statistics on the average and median taxable incomes in the mining industry in Australia.

As mentioned, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) releases statistics for the most recent financial year on record each year and the ATO has just released their data for the 2018-19 financial year.

In it you will read information pertaining to the mining sector, their taxation statistics, and other details that is normally considered when deciding to change careers.

Mining: Average And Median Taxable Incomes, 2018-19

Engineering Salary Table 2018-2019

 Source: Australian Taxation Office, Taxation Statistics 2018-19, Table 15: Individuals (Table 15a)  Created with Datawrapper

Downloadable 2021 Mining Engineer Salary Table

Whilst the 2018-2019 figures above are the most recent provided by the ATO, I know that salaries have moved up somewhat since 2019. 

If you would like a granular breakdown of current mining engineering salary data, then click here to download the PDF of current mining engineering salaries (as of June 2021).

Each statistic shows the job title, the number of workers, and their average and median taxable incomes. An interesting observation is the breakdown between male and female income.

For example, taking one out of the bunch, the Manager – of Mining Products, has in total 4,436 individuals working in that field. 4,120 of those individuals are male workers, while 316 are female workers. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that mining is a male dominated industry, but would it surprise you to see the difference in pay rates between male and females?

Going back to our previous example. Male managers average taxable income is $192,786, which is over $30,000 more than females in the same category (only $161,840). So on average, female mining engineers are earning around 15% less than their male counterpart. Whilst this is an interesting statistic, it can be a very useful bit of information when negotiating salary and remuneration.

Whilst remuneration is important, it isn’t the only factor to consider when thinking about changing careers. What about company culture? Tasks and duties? And will it fit with your values and lifestyle?

Here are some other things that you might want to think about when considering a career change. This information will help you choose your path and help you see the signs you need to change jobs and the right time to change careers.

Other Career Decision Criteria To Review

The Company

People tend to look for careers in companies that make them feel good about what they do daily. Do you know what the company’s values are that you work for? Are they a good company that matches your core values? Review the criteria listed below and figure out what you need to see from the company you work for.

● Company’s size
● Company’s values
● Their leadership
● Products and quality
● The work environment
● Industry
● Location
● Company’s brand/integrity
● Their contribution/service to society

The Work Itself

Understanding the job description that you were hired for is very important. The tasks you need to do on a daily basis with your work should be your primary focus when looking to change careers—the list below has a few things to consider.

● Responsibilities
● Learning/growth opportunities
● Promotions are available
● Future career opportunities
● Authority of decision-making
● Leadership/supervision
● Variety
● Challenging
● Self-expression/creativity
● Physical environment

Culture And Work Relationships

Your working environment and relationships with your co-workers play a significant role in how satisfied you are at your job. You should be comfortable at work and be able to get along with other employees and your employer. Yes, there may be some disagreements, but if you don’t feel safe or comfortable at your workplace, it may be that time to change jobs.

Ask yourself what you need in terms of:
● Work relationships
● The culture in the company
● Recognition



Knowing what you are getting as an income is very important when making career decisions. How much you earn and what bonuses are available to you can determine your lifestyle, whether you want to start a family or buy a house or a car. You need to consider how much income you will need to earn to be able to sustain a reasonable standard of living. Here are some factors to consider when switching careers.

● Salary
● Benefits
● Bonuses
● Stability and security


Life And Work Balance

Maintaining work and life balance is very important to manage your time correctly and have some downtime to take care of yourself. Overworking puts you at risk for burnout, so knowing what you need from your work and what balance works best for you is crucial. Here are some things to think about with your current work situation.

● Work schedule.
● Flexibility.
● Commute time.
● Days off and sick leave requirements.

If you have used these tips to review your current career situation and have started thinking that maybe the job you have isn’t the right fit for you, Pillentum can help! There they have the best career advisor consultants that can help guide you through the process of transitioning into a new career that is better suited for you and your lifestyle. They will help you locate the perfect job and prepare you for applying to it. They have excellent resume service prices and plenty of professionals with experience in this field.

Don’t use those old ways of looking through job boards and emailing company’s your resume hoping to hear back from them. At Pillentum, we can make it easier for you to apply, and you won’t have to sit around waiting and wasting time. So book a 15-minute chat with us, and we can get you started on the right path to success.

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