The Practical Benefits of Working with a Career Coach

The 13 key Benefits of working with a career coach

Career coaching is not a mystical or abstract concept—it’s a practical resource for real-world professional advancement. Here’s an honest look at how career coaching can be useful at different stages of your career journey.   Stepping into a New Career Transitioning into a new field or starting fresh out of school can be overwhelming. A […]

Tips For Writing A Top Resume

Crafting a resume is akin to painting a portrait of your professional life. Yet, it’s not just about the broad strokes; it’s the subtle nuances and deliberate choices that can turn a canvas of experiences into a masterpiece that captures the eye of your future employer. Here’s a guide to refining your resume that is […]

The Most In-Demand Career Skills for Engineers in 2024

chalk drawing of a robot - what career skills are the most in demand for engineers in 2024

As we progress further into the 21st century, the landscape of career skills continues to evolve rapidly. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing digital transformation have significantly altered the skill sets that employers value most. In 2024, a blend of technical proficiencies and soft skills constitutes the arsenal of the most sought-after […]

What’s the difference between Career Coaching and Career Counselling?

Difference between Career Coaching and counselling

Unveiling the Nuances of Career Coaching and Career Counselling In the ever-evolving landscape of the professional world, individuals often find themselves at crossroads, questioning their career choices and seeking guidance to navigate the complexities of their professional journeys. When considering career guidance, two terms often come to mind: career coaching and career counselling. While these […]

Is it worth getting a career coach?

Is it worth getting a career coach?

Ever find yourself stuck in a career rut, grappling with office politics, toxic co-workers, or just questioning if you’re on the right path? Maybe it’s time to consider the potential game-changer: a career coach. But before you dive into the world of coaching, let’s break down what it is, when you should consider one, how […]

What Job Search Methods Work Best for Older Workers?

Older job seeker interviewing for a corporate project management job

Have you been wondering what job search methods work best for older workers? If you’ve been having some challenges looking for work or getting to the interview stage then please read on as I share the experiences of one of my job search clients. I’ll also include some tips for older job seekers. A Real […]

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