The Hidden Job Market

Hidden Job Market

I wrote this blog about the Hidden Job market more than 4 years ago, but having reviewed it, I see that the information is still current. I hope you find it useful. Job Boards Not What They Used to Be When you’re looking for a job how do you go about it? Do you go […]

A Guide for Job Seekers

In today’s fast paced professional world, one of the most important challenges job seekers and those contemplating a career switch face is the significant transformation of the workplace. Gartner’s insights point to a corporate world grappling with new work norms that require not just technical proficiency but a new kind of adaptability and understanding of […]

Australian Job Market Insights for 2024

As we navigate through the early months of 2024, the Australian job market reveals a landscape that defies the expectations set by past trends and economic theories. With the latest statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in hand, job seekers can move forward with a clearer understanding of the current employment climate. A […]

Do you know how the job market works?

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I’m often asked what’s the best way of finding a job. I don’t often give the answer that most people would expect to hear; How well do you know how the job market works? If you don’t know how the job market works you won’t be successful.   The Essential Blueprint for Modern Job Searching   […]

5 tips to overcome age discrimination for older job seekers

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I read the accompanying story at the bottom of this article and it got me thinking. Older job seekers come to me often citing age discrimination as one of the key reasons for their lack of success in their job search. Despite overwhelming evidence that diversity in the workplace adds to productivity and profitability of organisation […]

Are you looking for work? Career advice for job seekers over 50

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Are you looking for career advice? Perhaps you are in your 40’s, perhaps 50’s or older,…If you are a more experienced technical professional or executive looking for a career opportunity then the chances are it’s difficult for you… … Tom was a brilliant engineer. Everyone said that of him. When I first met Tom 12 […]

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