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Achieve your true potential with tailored career coaching

Get access to the best advice, the right industry networks,
and the clear-minded confidence you need to finally clinch your ideal career.

We help aspiring professionals get crystal clear on what they truly want from their career, then devise the best strategies to go about it with conviction and gusto.

Even if you don’t have sky-high career aspirations; if you simply want something more fulfilling to slot neatly around your family and social life—yet still be paid what you’re worth—you’re also in the right place. 

Ultimately you might be here for a few reasons:

  • You’ve had an utter gutful of the job search grind 

  • You’re well and truly DONE with being overworked and underpaid

  • You just can’t understand why you’re not getting the slightest look-in from recruiters—and losing confidence as a result

  • You want career progression or change and have no idea where to start

  • You’re sick of your toxic work environment but have no time to look for another job

  • You’ve been discriminated against yet fear you won’t get work elsewhere in this competitive job market

  • You envy people who have their ideal career ‘in the bag’ but don’t know how to achieve it for yourself 

  • You’ve just relocated to Perth (or about to) and need help navigating the local job market

  • You’re clear about your professional potential, are ready to ‘up the ante’ on making big things happen and need the right coach to help you get there

Pillentum Career Coaching will steer you onto the path to fulfillment

We offer personalised career and job search coaching programs that give you the tools to carve your career corner into something that’s true to your values, objectives and expertise.

Using a one-on-one collaborative approach, we deliver:

Fully supported, step-by-step career coaching methods that hoist you out of your current job or career situation and into a direction that’s more honestly aligned with your life goals and values

Strategies that reveal unexpected, inspiring career avenues you’d never previously thought to pursue (or didn’t know existed)

Methods that heighten confidence, clarity and energy, enabling you to go after what you really want from your working life

Coaching in how to structure winning resumes and cover letters with (done with you resume services, if you wish)

Comprehensive interview preparation and as-you-need support, including interview etiquette, tactics, techniques and learning the psychology used by interviewers

Insights and advice on how best to market and position yourself powerfully, even if the thought of self-promotion makes you cringe

Salary negotiation skills that will help you approach the money conversation with persuasive ease

And more—find the full outline of inclusions and packages here (or read on to find out whether I’m the right coach for you)

BUT… before you decide whether career coaching is your best option, there’s one thing you must know.

Truth be told, finding the right work takes work.

And yes, committing to a career coaching program might be unnerving when you either don’t have employment lined up or are already scratching for time.

Plus, how do you know coaching will work for you? (If you’re nodding reading this, don’t worry, we have a money back guarantee—more on that further down.)

To be frank, if you’re expecting to be spoon-fed all the answers, I’m not the right career coach for you.

How we help you is far more rewarding, with lifelong results. Once you’re given these skills, you can’t unlearn them—and you’ll pass them on to your kids and loved ones as well. Besides, we believe modern job search skills should be part of everyone’s education anyway.

We customise your career coaching program to suit your industry, personal goals and needs. You do the work, with our input and guidance whenever you need it.

Don’t let taking on the work deter you—the ‘work’ is your key to long lasting, enriched fulfilment in your career, your lifestyle and a permanently changed mindset to tap into whenever you need. Simply be prepared to do some thinking, digging and action-taking to get to the gold.

You’ll be a changed person as a result—in all aspects of life.

What’s more, we are 100% by your side all the way and you’ll end up with a tangible, powerful plan to fall back on for the rest of your working life.

There are some who’ve declined career coaching for valid reasons, but time and time again they come back after spending months, sometimes YEARS being unemployed, underemployed, or drastically underpaid. 

They’re the ones who say, “I should’ve done this way back when I initially spoke to you…”

All because they’ve carried on using outdated job search models that don’t work and only keep them stuck in that soul-destroying grind. 

Pillentum Career Coaching Perth Purple Pointer Testimonial

“I was forced to accept a job outside of my chosen profession. For 5 years I’d been trying to find work in my desired profession without success—then I discovered Peter at Pillentum. Not long after I’d completed his career coaching program, I was hired for a role that paid me 3 times more than my previous job, doing the work I yearned to do. I’m so much happier with my work and finally feel I’m being paid what I’m worth.” 


Think this is unachievable? IT’S ABSOLUTELY NOT. Every person who’s fully completed our career coaching program gets more fulfilling work as a result.

Pillentum Career Coaching Perth Blue Pointer reverse

Pillentum career coaching teaches you how to:  

  • Get inside knowledge in your industry so desirable job prospects are within reach

  • Turn the whole job search grind into an empowered, enjoyable experience

  • Identify opportunities you may not have thought of but really inspire you

  • Identify skill gaps that may hinder employment opportunities (and learn how to work around them)

  • Identify potential employers and recruitment decision-makers within your target industry
  • Develop career strategies based on current employment opportunities and trends

  • Raise your career profile through personal branding techniques

  • Understand how companies identify talent and their selection process

  • Maximise your chances of being shortlisted for interview

  • Prepare you for the interview process

  • Develop the confidence to grow your network of connections

  • Tap into job opportunities before they are advertised, a.k.a. ‘The Hidden Job Market’.

Investing in building the right career for you is one of the most important investments you’ll make.

The Pillentum Career Transition Support Program covers:

1. Job search assessment

Involves in-depth discussion to attain a thorough understanding of what you want to achieve, along with detailed reviews of your most relevant professional documents and applications. 

2. Career planning

Full review of your skills, likes, interests and values to gain crystal clarity on your career goals. From there we coach you in how to strategically evaluate your target industry, which helps to better identify the most suitable opportunities to target.  

3. Job search strategy and marketing material

Gain a thorough understanding of how to tailor and implement your own job search action plan to secure your next career move. This is backed up by a fully-supported process to train you in strategic resume preparation. For those that would rather have your resume written for you, we offer a 20% discount if you decide to purchase this service along with the coaching.

4. Cover letter and selection criteria

Step-by-step we address the elements of crafting a winning cover letter. This is what gets your resume read so you need to impress, FAST. You’ll learn the skills to do this and how to uncover and address selection criteria which is key to progressing to interview. 

5. Interview preparation

Insider knowledge and expertise on handling the interview process from the time you’re scheduled, right through to post-interview coaching. If you’ve not had personalised interview support before, you’re in for a huge bonus. It’s remarkable seeing people breeze through their interviews as a result. 

6. Agencies

Identify and select the right recruitment agencies for your objectives, then learn how to get recruiters to work and advocate on your behalf. Considering how important recruiters are in the recruitment process, you absolutely need to know this. 

7. Networking techniques (even for people who despise networking)

There are several networking techniques—we’ll help you find one that suits your personality, along with guidance on when and how to use each. We dip into the world of LinkedIn to grow your connections and explore how to gain valuable insights into target companies. 

8. Personal branding

Learn how to position yourself as the right person for your ideal opportunity or industry sector. Get clear on your ultimate career destination, envision how that might look, then define yourself powerfully against the competition. 

Once you know this, you’ll communicate it with ease everywhere—application documentation, interviews, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, even in general conversation. Because you never know when opportunity will knock. 

9. LinkedIn profile

Learn how to create exceptional LinkedIn profiles that will attract attention from hiring managers and recruiters. This includes technical knowledge such as keywords and phrases, and behind-the-scenes tactics / search processes used by recruiters. 

Pillentum Career Support Programs

If you have any questions about any of our packages below, book a 15-minute call to get the clarity you need. 


3 Months

For job seekers wanting to
secure better quality job

Or those wanting to position
themselves as the ideal
candidate and stand out
from the competition.

If you already possess the
skills for the industry you are
targeting, the 3 month
program will dramatically
reduce the time to find and
secure your ideal job.


6 Months

The 6-month program will
suit those:

Career transitioning
between industries

Striving for career
advancement or
managerial level roles

Returning to work after a
break or after being made


12 Months

The 12-month program will
suit those:

Targeting strategic or senior
opportunities requiring
lengthy lead time or

Wanting development in
interpersonal skills
hindering communication,
leadership potential and
job search success.

The first step to achieving your true career potential is right here.

We also offer a 100% money back guarantee after your initial coaching session if you’re not satisfied with the result.

The change starts when you book your free 15-minute call.

Looking for a technical and engineering career coaching specialist?

If so, these are additional areas of specialisation I can help you with.

I’ve been working with (and coaching) technical and engineering professionals for the last 20 years and am fully versed on what’s involved in the recruitment process.

In a nutshell, I speak their language and have a ton of insider
knowledge to get you on the fast-track to career success.

Pillentum Career Coaching Perth Purple Pointer Testimonial

“After many years in a successful role I began to tire of the commoditisation of the workforce—suddenly I was having to deal with six people just to do one small job. Additionally I was experiencing covert age discrimination, so I came to Peter for coaching.

I never knew I’d be starting my own business but here I am today doing exactly what I want to be doing. Peter helped me to rephrase my thinking and I learned how to identify the right leads toward what I wanted to achieve. Peter got me back on track with life. If you need that kind of push, Peter is the one to do it.”


If you are looking for a Career Coach especially technical career coach or engineer career coach then get in touch for a 15 minute chat to see how we can help

Still unsure about what you need?

Let's fix that

A 15-minute clarity call will do the trick

Pillentum Career Coaching Perth Purple Pointer Testimonial

“Peter helped me to focus and clarify my objectives. He crystallised a job search strategy and action plan which gave me the critical skills to take job searching on with a newfound confidence. 

“Peter’s techniques are the new way forward for job searching—I’ve already passed my skills onto people in my network. Highly recommended!”


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