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A career coach who designs programs to your needs

Fun fast fact:

'Pillentum' is the Latin word for 'coach'. As I have Italian heritage, when I discovered this word I thought it was the ideal business name that summed up what I do.

Right, onto the business of your career

You might be here for a few reasons:

  • You’ve had a gutful of the job search grind and wonder whether career coaching can help
  • You want career progression or change and have no idea where to start
  • You’re sick of your toxic work environment but have no time to look for another job
  • You’re experiencing discrimination in your workplace yet fear you won’t get work elsewhere in a tough job market
  • You envy people who have their ideal career in the bag but don’t know how to achieve it for yourself
  • You’ve just relocated to Perth (or about to) and need help navigating the local job market

What if …

there was a fully supported, step-by-step career coaching method to hoist you out of your current job or career situation and into a direction that’s more honestly aligned with your life goals and values?

And what if, through this process, career avenues you’d never thought to pursue revealed themselves to you?

Would you finally have the confidence, clarity and energy to go after what you really want from your working life?

Pillentum Career and Job Search Coaching offers customised programs designed to give you the tools to carve your career corner into something that’s true to your aspirations and expertise.

But, committing to coaching can be unnerving when you either don’t have employment lined up or are already scratching for time.

Plus, how do you know it will work?

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Truth be told, finding the right work takes work

If you’re expecting to get results from a spoon-fed approach, I’m not the right career coach for you.

How I help you is far more rewarding.

Yes, I customise your career coaching program to suit your industry and needs. And yes, if I’m coaching you, you do the work with my input—and you’ll be a changed person as a result.

What’s more, I promise you I’ll be 100% by your side all the way and that you’ll end up with a tangible, powerful plan for the career building process.

The Perth job market is getting tougher

Yet so many people still use outdated methods and expect a different result. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

“Many of the new jobs being created today have the sole purpose of getting technologies ready for market and deploying them, so that humans can be replaced.”

Source: Peter Steidl [2019] Time To Give A F*ck!

This is why, if you’re here for any of the above reasons, the sooner you develop the latest job search strategies and techniques, the better you’ll be protected from the tumbling effects that technology is having on human employment.


Pillentum career coaching teaches you how to: 

  • Get inside knowledge in your industry so desirable job prospects are within reach
  • Turn the whole job search grind into an empowered, enjoyable experience
  • Identify opportunities you may not have thought of but really inspire you
  • Identify skill gaps that may hinder employment opportunities (and learn how to work around them)
  • Identify potential employers and recruitment decision-makers within your target industry
  • Develop career strategies based on current employment opportunities and trends
  • Raise your career profile through personal branding techniques
  • Understand how companies identify talent and their selection process
  • Maximise your chances of being shortlisted for interview
  • Prepare you for the interview process
  • Develop the confidence to grow your network of connections
  • Tap into job opportunities before they are advertised, a.k.a. ‘The Hidden Job Market’.
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Technical and engineering career coaching

If you’re after an engineering or technical career coach, these are additional areas of specialisation I can help you with.

I’ve been working with (and coaching) technical and engineering professionals for the last 20 years and am fully versed on what’s involved in the recruitment process.

In a nutshell, I speak their language and have a ton of insider knowledge to get you on the fast-track to career success.

Your investment  

Investing in building the right career for you is one of the most important investments you’ll make. A rewarding working life has far reaching effects on your physical and mental health, family, self-esteem—and the list goes on.

All you need to do is book the initial 2-hour session, from which I customise a coaching program for you.

This initial session is split into two parts, the first part involves gathering information from you so I can formulate specific steps and recommendations for you to apply. The second is a session focused on helping you implement them. 

From the initial two-part session you’ll get:

  • A detailed Job Search Plan tailored to your specific situation that maps out the steps you’ll take to progress to your career goal (this is designed during the session, so the Job Search Plan is provided after the session).
  • Resources to commence your specific job search research (resources include manuals, exercises, lists, spreadsheets, industry reports and any relevant websites).
  • Step by step (one-to-one) personalised training as to what you need to do
  • A recording of the session


Your investment: $495 AUD

The game changer?

You’ll have a ton of confidence to go after what you really want. The first step to career clarity is yours.

The change starts when you book your free 15-minute call.

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“After many years in a successful role I began to tire of the commoditisation of the workforce—suddenly I was having to deal with 6 people just to do one small job. Additionally I was experiencing covert age discrimination, so I came to Peter for coaching.

“I never knew I’d be starting my own business but I here I am today doing exactly what I want to be doing. Peter helped me to rephrase my thinking and I learned how to identify the right leads toward what I wanted to achieve.

“Peter got me back on track with life. If you need that kind of push, Peter is the one to do it.”


If you are looking for a Career Coach especially technical career coach or engineer career coach then get in touch for a 15 minute chat to see how we can help
Pillentum Career Coaching Perth Purple Pointer Testimonial

“Peter helped me to focus and clarify my objectives. He crystallised a job search strategy and action plan which gave me the critical skills to take job searching on with a newfound confidence. 

“Peter’s techniques are the new way forward for job searching—I’ve already passed my skills onto people in my network. Highly recommended!”


Client of Career Advisor and Career Counselling Perth

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