Why Choose Us

With over three decades of consulting to various industries including 15 years specialising in recruitment and outplacement, we have a deep understanding of the job market in Australia. Our Career Coaches have worked as executive hiring specialists, strategic analysts, HR managers and workforce planners, and they know what it takes to get the attention of recruiters everywhere.

Research and Preparation

Your personal Career Coach knows where your dream jobs are and how to get them. Drawing on years of experience and extensive market research, they will work with you to highlight your most important skills, experience and achievements, and help you land interviews for the jobs you want.

Make a Plan and Sell Yourself

Competition for the best jobs is now fiercer than ever. In the modern flexible marketplace, you are the product, and it’s essential to know how to sell yourself to the companies you want to work with. We’ll help you:

Research your industry to discover what employers are looking for.
Plan a career that makes use of your skills and excites your passions.
Create a personal marketing strategy that makes you stand out in all your communications.
Network effectively to tap into the hidden job network and supercharge your job-searching efforts..

Peter Mazzucato

Peter Mazzucato

Meet Your Coach

With a strong business management, sales and consulting background and solid recruitment expertise Peter Mazzucato is disrupting the traditional outplacement and career coaching models that have been in place over the last 25 years. Combining traditional and non-traditional job search techniques developed over the last 5 years, Peter’s highly effective strategies have been shown to reduce job search time by 40 – 80%. With the average job search time now extending from 12 – 18 months (or longer) for professionals you cannot afford to miss what Peter has to share with you.