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The rising level of unemployment and even higher level of underemployment means hiring managers mostly don’t need to advertise to find suitable candidates.

That stinks, doesn’t it?

It’s so frustrating knowing this when you put hours of time and effort into applying for jobs through online job boards — and likely you have.

The job market has changed forever (and is still changing).

Therefore, you need to change the way you find work — forever. You simply can’t afford to default back to the drudgery of traditional job search methods anymore.

Career Coaching

I’ve walked in your shoes (and worn the soles bare)

Having several career transitions of my own, I am no stranger to the challenges of workplace upheaval, changes to new industries and finding work in a tough market.

Let’s just say, I’ve been around long enough to have fallen in a hole after job loss, felt like I didn’t belong anywhere, felt lost and grouchy at the world for where I’d ended up after working SO DAMN HARD for so damn long.

I managed to pull myself out of the proverbial coffin, dusted my “what’s the point?” mindset free from cobwebs and redirected my career several times. 

After more than 20 years conducting executive search, on-hire contracting, workforce management, outplacement, HR services and career coaching, I’ve created a career service that gets results.

Only an experienced consultant gives the right career guidance

As a consultant to various industries in Perth and beyond for 30 years, within that time frame I’ve also had over 20 years’ experience as a senior recruiter, HR / recruitment manager and outplacement consultant.

Through merging traditional and non-traditional job search techniques, I’ve developed career strategies that have proven to reduce job search time by 40 – 80%.

Be assured, I’ve developed a deep understanding of how the job market works (and how it doesn’t).

And I really get it—I’ve experienced the soul-destroying impact that career uncertainty has on your life. Loss of financial health, energy, self-confidence, the desire to be social and talk to people in general.

That dark hole is excruciating.

Taking the plunge into career coaching or investing in a top-quality resume seems frightening when financially you don’t know what’s around the corner.

However, the actual savings far outweigh the small investment into building a solid career plan and interview-winning resume.

Understanding, expertise and insight is what I bring to your time with me, whether it’s a full career coaching service or a standout resume and cover letter service. I guarantee you’ll find support, hope and inspiration from what I teach.

Pillentum Career Coaching Perth Purple Pointer Testimonial

“Having moved to Australia and struggling to find work was taking its toll on my confidence and family life—I was losing the will to even bother! Also, what was particularly disheartening was that I’d come from a thriving career in a management role. 

“Peter coached me through my confidence roadblocks and gave me the structure and support to take my power back around job searching. It’s like getting the key to freedom and hope! Definitely engage Peter if you’re fed up with the search and are willing to take on his strategies. Thank you, Peter!”


Client of Perth based career consultant and career guidance expert, Peter Mazzucato
Pillentum Career Coaching Perth Purple Pointer Testimonial

“I came to Peter after I’d received a poorly written resume from a supposedly reputable resume writer. I couldn’t believe the difference! He invested a lot of time in assessing my career objectives and asked thought-provoking questions which opened up areas I’d never thought of.

“Peter was brilliant to work with – he is highly professional and includes you through every step. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for a top-quality resume.”


Client of Perth based career consultant and career guidance expert, Peter Mazzucato
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