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Pillentum Career Coaching Perth Purple Pointer Testimonial

“I came to Peter pretty disgruntled and cynical about coaching, yet I was stuck in the unfruitful sludge of the traditional job board and recruitment agency application cycle. Adding to my frustrations was dealing with recruiters who promised the world but delivered nothing.

“Peter helped me to focus and clarify my objectives. He crystallised a job search strategy and action plan which gave me the critical skills to take job searching on with a newfound confidence. 

“Peter’s techniques are the new way forward for job searching—I’ve already passed my skills onto people in my network. Highly recommended!”


Client of Career Advisor and Career Counselling Perth
Pillentum Career Coaching Perth Purple Pointer Testimonial

“After many years in a successful role I began to tire of the commoditisation of the workforce—suddenly I was having to deal with 6 people just to do one small job. Additionally I was experiencing covert age discrimination, so I came to Peter for coaching.

“I never knew I’d be starting my own business but I here I am today doing exactly what I want to be doing. Peter helped me to rephrase my thinking and I learned how to identify the right leads toward what I wanted to achieve.

“Peter got me back on track with life. If you need that kind of push, Peter is the one to do it.”


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Pillentum Career Coaching Perth Purple Pointer Testimonial

“I was forced to accept a job outside of my chosen profession. For 5 years I’d been trying to find work in my desired profession without success—then I discovered Peter at Pillentum. Not long after I’d completed his career coaching program, I was hired for a role that paid me 3 times more than my previous job, doing the work I yearned to do. I’m so much happier with my work and finally feel I’m being paid what I’m worth.” 


Pillentum Career Coaching Perth Purple Pointer Testimonial

“I came to Peter after I’d received a poorly written resume from a supposedly reputable resume writer. I couldn’t believe the difference! He invested a lot of time in assessing my career objectives and asked thought-provoking questions which opened up areas I’d never thought of.

“Peter was brilliant to work with – he is highly professional and includes you through every step. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for a top-quality resume.”


Client of Perth based career consultant and career guidance expert, Peter Mazzucato
Pillentum Career Coaching Perth Purple Pointer Testimonial

“Having moved to Australia and struggling to find work was taking its toll on my confidence and family life—I was losing the will to even bother! Also, what was particularly disheartening was that I’d come from a thriving career in a management role. 

“Peter coached me through my confidence roadblocks and gave me the structure and support to take my power back around job searching. It’s like getting the key to freedom and hope! Definitely engage Peter if you’re fed up with the search and are willing to take on his strategies. Thank you, Peter!”


Client of Perth based career consultant and career guidance expert, Peter Mazzucato
Pillentum Career Coaching Perth Purple Pointer Testimonial

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Peter. Peter has dedicated a lot of time into his program and is always ready to assist when you need help or guidance. Since working with Peter I have established many valuable professional relationships and discovered many useful resources that have aided in my career progression. It certainly does require some effort and research on your behalf but overall, Peter simplify’ s each step breaking down into manageable and achievable tasks. With every session

Peter went above and beyond to help me, we also explored great resources and tools that I still use today. With an abundance of knowledge in his field and most of all professionalism, Peter helped me re-align my career. I highly recommend his services. Thanks again Peter!”

~ CRAIG MCLEOD | Founder Industrial, Project Management

Pillentum Career Coaching Perth Purple Pointer Testimonial

“We are all different and what each of us needs will be different , that’s what Peter provides. Peter provided guidance to me when I was changing from working for a large mining company through to running my own business. What struck me was that Peter listened to me, challenged me to look at other options and when I had made my decision had the skills to guide me on the path. It wasn’t a “one shoe fits all” approach it was a considered personal experience that truly added value in areas that I needed assistance with.”

~ GEOFFREY CARTER | Innovation Specialist

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