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Do you know how the job market works?

I’m often asked what’s the best way of finding a job. I don’t often give the answer that most people would expect to hear; How well do you know how the job market works? If you don’t know how the job market works you won’t be successful.


The Essential Blueprint for Modern Job Searching


As a career strategist, I’m often questioned about the secret to job-hunting success. The answer might surprise you; it’s not just about what you know, but also how well you understand the dynamics of the job market. Without this knowledge, your efforts could be in vain.


Networking: The Keystone of Job Searching


Undeniably, networking stands as the titan of job search strategies. Its value is recognized universally—when the market thrives, opportunities often flow through established networks. Yet, in times of economic strain, these once-reliable networks can dry up, leaving professionals at a standstill. Building and maintaining a network is an art and science that requires commitment and skill, something that professionals should continuously cultivate.


Adapting to Market Conditions


The job market’s pulse is dictated by the interplay of supply and demand. Strategies that work in booming markets may flounder when demand wanes. Reflect on the recent past: countries like Australia have shifted from importing talent to re-examining immigration policies. The corporate rush to attract international expertise has simmered down, and with it, the luxury of cherry-picking jobs has diminished.


Navigating the Current Job Landscape


Today’s job ecosystem is evolving. While opportunities abound, they’re not guaranteed to align with past trends or remain as robust. The rise in job seekers I engage with signals a shift—a reliance on job boards is no longer the golden ticket it once was.


The Hidden Job Market: A New Frontier


In today’s competitive landscape, an estimated 70–85% of roles are filled through connections rather than public postings. It’s a silent yet dominant sphere where the currency is referrals, not resumes.


Crafting Your Unique Career Path


Securing “a job” may be straightforward, but discovering “the right job” is a nuanced journey. Start with introspection: know your strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and values. Aligning these personal insights with thorough research on potential employers—considering aspects like culture and market trends—is crucial.


Investment in Personal Growth


If your job search hits a wall, consider elevating your approach. While basic techniques are accessible, mastering the intricacies of modern job hunting may require professional guidance. A career coach isn’t just an investment; it’s a strategic decision that can fast-track you to the role where you belong.

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