Experience Of Pillentum's Career Coaching Clients

Job Search Experience of a government executive

Mike has worked for state government as a senior executive for more than 20 years. After his recent redundancy, Mike shares his job search approach and some roadblocks that he experienced. Mike provides some sound advise regarding his approach to job searching and most importantly mindset.

Job search advice for people working in the resource industry

Daniel shares some of his job search challenges prior to working with Pillentum and some of the things he learned. Daniel is now working in his career of choice - AND making further inroads.

How to find a job in Australia and transition to a new career (part 1)

Arriving in Australia from Switzerland some time ago, Anne-Catherine is now transitioning to her new found passion of fitness and Health from her career in the travel industry back home. Ann-Catherine explains some of the challenges that she has experienced along the way. We will follow up with Anne-Catherine as she tries new strategies to help her achieve her goal.