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The 3 most important career management activities you must do

Australia was spared a lot of the employment pain during the GFC but is now paying the price. To make matters worse, disruption caused by Globalisation and technology are contributing to this challenge.

According to UBS, Australia’s employment underutilisation is diverging from other developed nations such as US, Europe and Japan and is now sitting at a 20-year high. https://www.businessinsider.com.au/its-tough-times-ahead-for-australias-labour-market-2017-5

Unfortunately, many job searchers fail to recognise that the nature of work has changed.  If you want to have a vibrant and successful career you have no choice.  You must actively manage your career.

The three most important career management activities I would recommend is;

  1. Build and nurture your professional network

Building your network is one of the most powerful activities that you can do. Anywhere from 70-85% of jobs are not advertised and networking is one of the key ways of finding those opportunities.

  1. Research industry trends

Technology is changing business at lightning speed. Nothing stays the same for very long. If you want to be relevant in today’s job market then you must know what is going on.

  1. Find your niche and own it

With so many people looking for work you need to have a point of difference. What is it that you do particularly well or that peers or managers have commented on? Develop those skills and build upon them.

How career coaching can help

Of course, it is all easier said than done. Networking is fraught with potential faux pars, researching market trends can take tangents and consume and enormous amount of time and developing and deciding on your niche can be quite complex task to get started. Rather than reinvent the wheel and waste a lot of time, get some help from experts who can train, mentor and coach you. Click here to get help

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